2021 Peace Motion Graphics Competition


Participate in the Sunhak Peace Prize Foundation's 2021 motion graphics video competition to raise awareness about global solidarity and cooperation in preventing and combating pandemic diseases. The aim is to create a compelling motion graphics video that showcases the importance of vaccine equity and dispels false information about vaccines.

Creative Approach:

Utilize 2D motion graphics to inform viewers about vaccine equity and the importance of fair vaccine distribution worldwide. The video should also address the issue of fake news and misinformation surrounding vaccines, promoting accurate information and understanding.

Key Elements:

  1. Communicate the importance of vaccine equity and the consequences of unequal vaccine distribution.

  2. Use motion graphics to visually depict the impact of global solidarity in combating pandemic diseases.

  3. Address common misconceptions about vaccines and provide accurate information to the audience.

  4. Ensure Sunhak Peace Prize Foundation's branding is integrated into the video.

Tone and Style:

Informative, compelling, and visually engaging 2D motion graphics with a focus on clarity and accuracy.


- 60-second motion graphics video
- Script
- Storyboard
- Character designs and animations
- Background music and sound effects


Research and Concept Development:
2 weeks

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding:
2 weeks

Animation and Sound Production:
4 weeks

Revisions and Finalization:
1 week

Target Audience:

The general public was interested in global health issues, policymakers, and individuals involved in public health initiatives.

Key Message:

"Promoting global solidarity and cooperation is crucial in preventing and combating pandemic diseases. Let's ensure fair vaccine distribution and combat misinformation together."

Call to Action:

Encourage viewers to join the movement for vaccine equity and to seek accurate information from reputable sources.

2021 Peace Motion Graphics Competition

Client: Sunhak Peace Prize
Agency: Hugly
Year: 2021