Superfert CAN Explainer


Promote Superfert's new CAN fertilizer by highlighting its cost-effectiveness and superior performance compared to AN fertilizer. The goal is to encourage farmers to switch to CAN by presenting real-world testimonials and demonstrating its benefits.

Creative Approach:

Create a 75-second animated advertisement featuring two farmers discussing the benefits of Superfert's CAN fertilizer over AN fertilizer. The ad will emphasize how CAN requires less fertilizer while delivering better yields, ultimately saving farmers money.

Key Elements:

  1. Use animated characters to depict two farmers discussing their experiences with CAN fertilizer.

  2. Incorporate testimonials to add credibility and authenticity to the advertisement.

  3. Clearly illustrate the advantages of CAN fertilizer over AN fertilizer in terms of cost-effectiveness and yield improvement.

  4. Utilize dialogue between the characters to convey the benefits of CAN fertilizer engagingly and persuasively.

Tone and Style:

Informative, persuasive, and visually appealing character animation with a focus on realism and credibility.


- 75-second character animation advertisement
- 75-second TikTok/Reels video
- Script
- Storyboard
- Character designs and animations
- Background music and sound effects


Research and Concept Development:
2 weeks

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding:
2 weeks

Animation and Sound Production:
6 weeks

Revisions and Finalization:
1 week

Target Audience:

Farmers and agricultural professionals that are interested in improving crop yields and reducing input costs.

Key Message:

"Switch to Superfert's CAN fertilizer for better yields and big savings on your top Dressing."

Call to Action:

Encourage viewers to inquire about Superfert's CAN fertilizer and consider making the switch for improved agricultural outcomes and cost savings.

Superfert CAN Explainer

Client: Superfert
Agency: Hugly
Year: 2023