ZESA EcoCash TV Ad


Create a humorous and engaging 30-second animated TV advert to demonstrate how customers can purchase ZESA tokens using EcoCash's new USSD feature.

Creative Approach:

Utilize high-quality animation and a humorous narrative to illustrate the simplicity of purchasing ZESA tokens via EcoCash. The advert should feature relatable scenarios related to electricity usage, emphasizing convenience and ease of use.

Key Elements:

  1. Engaging Animation

  2. Clear Instruction

  3. Humorous Narrative

  4. Brand Integration

Tone and Style:

Light-hearted, humorous, and visually appealing animation with attention to detail.


- 55-second TV advert
- Script
- Storyboard
- Character designs and animations
- Background music and sound effects


Research and Concept Development:
2 weeks

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding:
2 weeks

Animation and Sound Production:
6 weeks

Revisions and Finalization:
1 week

Target Audience:

Mobile phone users that are familiar with USSD functionality and individuals managing household utilities.

Key Message:

"Easily purchase ZESA tokens using EcoCash - simple, fast, and hassle-free!"

Call to Action:

Encourage viewers to download the EcoCash app or dial the USSD code to start using the service today.

ZESA EcoCash TV Ad

Client: EcoCash
Agency: EcoCash
Year: 2016