Bereka Delivery TV Ad


Create an engaging animated TV advert to illustrate Bereka Delivery's cash delivery service in partnership with Mukuru Remit. The video should clearly demonstrate how Bereka Delivery delivers cash from Mukuru to clients in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner.

Creative Approach:

Utilize animation to visually depict the process of cash delivery from Mukuru to clients by Bereka Delivery. The advert should emphasize the convenience and reliability of the service while maintaining an engaging narrative.

Key Elements:

  1. Use animation to illustrate the journey of cash delivery from Mukuru to clients.

  2. Clearly explain the process of delivery concisely and understandably.

  3. Create a storyline that captivates the audience's attention and highlights the benefits of using Bereka Delivery's service.

  4. Ensure Bereka Delivery's branding is prominently featured throughout the advert.

Tone and Style:

Engaging, informative, and visually appealing animation with a focus on clarity and brand consistency.


- 90-second TV advert
- Script
- Storyboard
- Character designs and animations
- Background music and sound effects


Concept Development:
1 week

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding:
2 weeks

Animation and Sound Production:
4 weeks

Revisions and Finalization:
1 week

Target Audience:

Mukuru Remit customers and individuals interested in reliable cash delivery services.

Key Message:

"Bereka Delivery - Your trusted partner in cash delivery from Mukuru to you."

Call to Action:

Encourage viewers to utilize Bereka Delivery's services for fast and secure cash delivery from Mukuru.

Bereka Delivery TV Ad

Client: Bereka Delivery
Agency: Hugly
Year: 2023